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Size: Pointe - 16

Price:  $ 115.50 
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Size: Petite - 24

Price:  $ 165.50 
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Size: Grande - 32

Price:  $ 214.50 
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This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (334) 239-0655 to order.

dot2dance is a lightweight and portable genuine dance floor in the shape of a circle. Ingeniously engineered with AUTHENTIC dance studio flooring, called “Marley”. It creates your own private mobile dance studio anytime or anyplace! A leading reason why dancers get injured is practicing or warming up on the wrong surface. Now with dot2dance you can have a SAFE surface to dance on anyplace! dot2dance creates a SAFE platform to dance on and:

  • DOUBLE-SIDED! FRONT SIDE is meticulously hand crafted in the U.S.A. with AUTHENTIC “Marley” Dance Flooring. The BACK SIDE is a Non-Slip GYM MAT that is SAFE to use on ALL floors at home
  • Round shape helping a dancer keep “their center” and aides in dance turn "spotting".
  • Flat surface increasing safety with no holes, ridges or breaks
  • Designed a low <3/8 inch off the ground with a tapered edge for safety with “Traveling Feet”
  • Innovative design creates a underside with NO visible staples that could damage the surface it was used on or could damage the users delicate wardrobe.
  • Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Store, 4 Sizes, 2 Colors

TAP Dancers love dot2dance and we invite you to WATCH OUR VIDEOS and listen to the radiating sound! Perfect for Irish Dance as well!

Gymnasts,Ballerinas,Tumblers,Contortionists,Yoga Enthusiasts to Figure Skaters have all discovered the endless uses for dot2dance. Don't forget its DOUBLE-SIDED, use the Gym Mat side too!

Perfect to bring with you on PHOTO SHOOTS!

Pointe-16"x16x1, 2 pounds
Petite-24"x24x1, 8 pounds
Grande-32"x32x1, 12 pounds

  • Bou Cou Dancewear
  • Ph: 334.239.0655